Art of coffee with Coffee Real

This course welcomes you to the wonderful world of slow brew coffee.

This art form is becoming ever popular and the beauty of it is that you can recreate it in your own home. This class will take you through slow brew methods focusing on Hario V60 drip coffee, Aero Press and French Press. You will learn how taste, smell and brew coffee can be affected by the coffee beans selected and brewing technique. You will find out what coffee you really like and those you don’t and why that is so as you explore different single origin coffees.

You will explore how influential you can be over the flavour of your coffee at home; you will learn about extraction times and brew ratios.

Fees £35
Time10:00 AM - 12:00PM

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Course Summary

Good coffee, and we mean really good coffee is hard to find… and when you do find it, knowing how to brew it to really enhance the flavour is a whole different thing.

We have recently stumbled across a rather magic company – Coffee Real, based in Horsham. These guys are real coffee nuts and they travel to some insanely remote places and work with some wonderful coffee farmers (all single estate farms) to source the very best coffee.

Their passion for coffee is infectious, so we asked them to come and run a coffee masterclass for us. The class will introduce different coffees from around the world, their varying characteristics and flavours, and how to brew them to perfection.

What you take home
  • A bag of Coffee Real coffee 250g to get you started.
  • The knowledge to select your own beans and understand specialty coffee.
  • The know-how to use your home equipment to its full potential.
  • An understanding of different home brewing methods.


The school is so welcoming

“Tante Marie has been a huge part of my career change and I couldn’t imagine how another school could have done a better job at setting my foundation for the future. The school is so welcoming, the curriculum really sets you up for a great future and the staff are all simply incredible!”

Richard, April 2012