Level 5 Diploma in Culinary and Hospitality Management

The Tante Marie Diploma in Culinary & Hospitality Management offers graduates of our Cordon Bleu Diploma the exclusive opportunity to continue studying with a paid apprenticeship in the award winning Restaurant at Tante Marie.

Students will study towards a foundation degree level qualification in hospitality management, while gaining experience in a real restaurant environment – and being paid.

Fees Free!
DaysMonday - Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Time8:00 AM - 11:00 PM
Duration12 Months

* Subject to our annual fee review in April of each year, in accordance with our Terms and Conditions of Enrolment

What you will learn

Having completed the internationally acclaimed Tante Marie Cordon Bleu Diploma, successful graduates can put their new skills and knowledge into practice in a working restaurant kitchen and front of house environment.

This year long paid apprenticeship will train students in every aspect of running a successful hospitality business. Areas covered include: legal obligations of a company director, accounting procedures, health & safety planning and running a ‘service kitchen’.

Graduates’ time in the Restaurant will run on rotation, with part of their time spent continuing to refine their culinary skills and offering menu ideas in the kitchen, and part of their time learning front of house etiquette and providing top class service on the Restaurant floor.

The Tante Marie Diploma in Culinary & Hospitality Management includes 5 compulsory units:

Customer relationship and marketing in hospitality management (30 credits)
Covering the principles of customer relationship management and the characteristics of a marketing strategy in a culinary and hospitality business.

Business priniples and governance in hospitality (40 credits)
Covering the management theories and practices in a culinary and hospitality business as well as the fundamentals of business planning and the obligations of business governance in a culinary and hospitality business.

Human resource management in hospitality (30 credits)
Covering the responsibilities and accountabilities in a culinary and hospitality business, providing insight in to key performance indicators within the industry as well as principles of change management.

Procurement and management of kitchen resources (30 credits)
Covering the importance of effective stock control and the fundamentals of the methods and systems used to run an effective culinary operation. Focussing on financial targets, wastage, risks and the associated impact upon profitability.

Professional kitchen management (30 credits)
Covering the requirements to maintain a safe working environment for a culinary and hospitality business. Learners will know how to meet legal requirements for food standards and understand how to employ working practices to maximise efficiency and profitability in a culinary and hospitality business.

The Restaurant employs its apprentices on a shift pattern to ensure that it is sufficiently staffed, but we also allow students time for theory classes on our online learning platform and time to work on their assessments and course work. Apprentices should expect to work a 40 hour week in the Restaurant and around 10 hours independent study time.

The Restaurant is a fully functioning independent business and as such these hours may change from week to week, therefore apprentices should be prepared for and flexible with change.

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Coursework & Assessment

In order to pass this course apprentices must pass the following assessments:

Coursework Assignment: Food Safety Policy:
Using the Food Standards Agency’s ‘Safer Food Better Business’ framework students are required to prepare a complete food safety policy for a hospitality business.

Coursework Assignment: Health and Safety Policy:
Students are required to create a detailed Health and Safety Policy for a hospitality business, meeting the legal requirements for Employment and Health and Safety law.

Coursework Assignment: Business Plan:
By the end of the course students must have created their own business plan for a hospitality business.

Written Examination:
Students are required to complete a written assessment under exam conditions, evaluating a range of business scenarios.

Final Examination Project:
Final assessment is carried out over a period of several months. The assessment comprises a complete hospitality management project from start to finish, embracing a multitude of skills and knowledge covered on the Level 5 Diploma, from procurement and marketing to menu design, kitchen management and accounting.

Who is eligible?

This course is offered free of charge, as a paid apprenticeship. In order to be eligible students must have the cookery skills and knowledge required to meet the high standards our customers expect. We will only offer apprenticeships to graduates of our Cordon Bleu Diploma who have achieved a minimum of credit in both practical and theory assessments.

Apprentices must also have the drive and enthusiasm to learn in a working restaurant environment – in both kitchen and front of house.

Qualifications Gained

CTH Level 5 Diploma in Culinary & Hospitality Management

Details of all qualifications and accreditations available at Tante Marie Culinary Academy can be found here.

Career Prospects

The Level 5 Diploma is a culinary and hospitality qualification, not a ‘restaurant management’ qualification. We have chosen to deliver the course in a restaurant environment, but the skills and knowledge you will learn can be applied in any hospitality business. Take a look at the spectrum of careers some of our graduates have followed after graduating from Tante Marie.


Tantri Suryaningram

Tantri is Sous Chef at a Spanish restaurant in Bali.

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