The Restaurant

The Restaurant at Tante Marie is our fully functioning professional restaurant open to the public, offering award-winning cuisine by our Graduate Chefs, led by our decorated Head Chef and front of house staff.

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The Restaurant at Tante Marie opened in 2015 with two unique aims: to provide a new and distinctive dining experience to Surrey and to offer a platform for graduates of our Cordon Bleu Diploma to take their professional chef training to the next level.

The Qualification

Once students of the Tante Marie Cordon Bleu Diploma graduate, they leave us as fully qualified professional chefs. Some will launch themselves straight into a specific career, while others look to start a hospitality business of their own – this is why we developed the Tante Marie Level 5 Diploma in Culinary and Hospitality Management.

Our ground-breaking Level 5 Diploma was jointly created by our experienced senior teachers and restaurant management team and the Confederation of Tourism & Hospitality (CTH). Designed to deliver hospitality management training through a programme of hands on, workplace learning and online training modules.  

During the yearlong placement, apprentices learn about all aspects of running a successful hospitality business through direct involvement in every department at The Restaurant at Tante Marie. Under the guidance of Head Chef Valentino Gentile and Restaurant Manager Stephanie Martin-Frouillou, apprentices will be part of every process; writing menus, cleaning, stock ordering and learning about accounts, not to forget their time in the kitchen putting their Cordon Bleu training into action.

The team at The Restaurant at Tante Marie is passionate, enthusiastic and highly skilled. Whilst some of them may be training in hospitality management, they are also graduates of Tante Marie Culinary Academy’s Cordon Bleu Diploma. They are already highly skilled chefs possessing advanced knowledge of the culinary arts. In The Restaurant they are applying those skills in the real world and showcasing their own individual talents.

The Restaurant

The Restaurant at Tante Marie combines the classical excellence of Tante Marie with modern techniques to produce elegant, honest menus and above all else fresh, skilfully prepared, beautiful food. This teamed with the intimate, contemporary setting and professional, welcoming staff offers guests a truly unique dining experience.

The Restaurant is open for lunch, pre-theatre and dinner sittings and offers weekend Afternoon Tea. Showcasing the very best of modern British and European food – delicious and decadent and enjoyed in a relaxed and sophisticated environment in the heart of Surrey.

Our menus are created using fresh, seasonal ingredients which gives us the flexibility to adjust and adapt each day, rather than sticking to predeveloped ‘set-menus’. Our close relationship with the Academy also means that we regularly encounter wonderful new dishes which are worthy of a place on our menu. Our alfresco and specials menu is therefore ever changing – sometimes we may only have enough for one portion, sometimes more – either way you can be assured that a meal at Tante Marie will offer you something unique and just a little bit special.

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