Bradley van Rooyen

Bradley Van Rooyen

Head Chef – The Wellesley Yacht


After graduating, Bradley did a couple of ski seasons, then decided to try his hand at working on yachts – a popular line of work for young Tante Marie graduates who want to travel!

The Wellesley is a stunning charter yacht and Bradley is the Head Chef. He recently sent us an email with an update on his news:

“Hi Andrew,

I hope you and the TM team are all well!

Just thought I would drop the school a quick email letting you know how I have progressed with my career since last seeing everyone. I am currently working on a busy charter yacht which is great fun. Seeing the world and visiting different regions and locations in the Mediterranean and getting to try some of the local delicacies, along with getting to use the different regions fresh produce.

Last month my Boss and manager pushed me to enter the MYBA chefs competition which is a pretty big competition in the yachting industry. I was terrified! It felt like I was going back into an exam with Mrs A and Andrew hovering over quietly taking notes! It was not a fun experience to start off with, also with being the youngest competitor they had ever had in their 27 years running. I was the youngest chef by about 10 years and everyone doubted me….

At the end of the day I made a couple silly errors but all in all I was happy with the outcome and managed a healthy 3rd place, so I did the school proud! I had many of the bigger broker companies of the world asked where I did my training…. Of course with a big smile I had to say Tante Marie. Through the competition I have had an offer to possibly do a couple TV shows with the Food Network or Travel Channel next year depending on which channel signs the company offering me the job which is exciting.

Just thought I would let the school and family that helped jump start my career know how I was doing.

Best regards,

Bradley Van Rooyen”

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