Harry Eastwood

Journalist and TV Presenter

Since graduating from Tante Marie, Harry has launched a succesful career in food writing. She became the co-host of Channel 4’s ‘Cook Yourself Thin’ in 2007 and has now published several books, including Red Velvet and Chocolate Heartache: The ultimate book of natural cakes that taste naughty.

Harry says, “I did my Cordon Bleu Diploma in 2002 and initially worked in the food industry as a food stylist and now as the author of 4 books in the UK and 1 in the US. Tante Marie was a wonderful place to foster my passion for food and give me solid foundations for a thrilling career. I recommend choosing Tante Marie if you are looking for an enthusiastic atmosphere in which to learn, great local ingredients and teachers with years of experience. The course I did was an excellent foundation for my work in food styling, writing and presenting cookery shows on TV.”