Richard Holden

Tante Marie graduate Richard Holden

Richard took a position as an instructor at the Weber Grill Academy after graduating from Tante Marie and after 2 years, left to set up his own BBQ training business, teaching people how to get the very best out of their BBQ’s. He now travels around the world to events and shows and is also involved in recipe development, food styling and teaching.

Richard says, “Tante Marie has been a huge part of my career change and I couldn’t imagine how another school could have done a better job at setting my foundation for the future. The school is so welcoming, the curriculum really sets you up for a great future and the staff are all simply incredible! Whether it’s a full on diploma course, a day course or a charity day where you go and see new things, tips and techniques the school has something to offer everyone and I’d urge people to go and learn from the Best!”