Presenting and Communicating (food and more…)

This 2 day interactive course is perfect for anyone who wants to gain confidence in connecting with an audience, be it via presenting, public speaking, vlogging or just in a team environment such as the workplace, school or professional kitchen.

With social media being used more and more as a platform for individuals to showcase their passion for food, refining your presenting skills is the sure-fire way to ensure you stand out from the crowd. We added this course into our Cordon Bleu Diploma curriculum and it transformed our students confidence in the kitchen… so we ran it for our staff, and now offer it to anyone who wants to gain confidence in presenting and communicating.


Course Summary

This 2 day weekend course is a collaboration between Tante Marie Culinary Academy and our training partners Chefs Training, London.

The highly interactive and practical course focuses on building confidence and effective demonstrating and communication skills of the chef or presenter, using Social Media to raise your profile and increasing revenue opportunities. It aims to equip you with the skills and knowledge to open  additional doors outside the kitchen and progress your  career development in the direction you want.

The course is for anyone who wishes to expand their  confidence and create opportunities by communing and presenting with confidence.

Day 1

  • The principles of communication
  • Practical aspect of communicating, eye contact, movement etc
  • Grooming and appearance: presenting yourself
  • Preparation of simple messages
  • Filmed exercise
  • Playback and review
  • Autocue – learning to read and present at the same time
  • Mental Mapping Autocue Exercise
  • Questions and answers
  • The principles of demonstrating
  • Workspace preparation
  • Preparation, structure and effective messages
  • Communicating and demonstrating
  • Engaging with a live audience or a camera
  • Filmed demonstrating exercise
  • Playback and review
  • Questions and answers
  • Homework for Day 2

Day 2

  • Review of Day 1 and filmed warm up exercise
  • Principles of co hosting and interviewing
  • Filmed co hosting and interviewing exercise
  • Advanced demonstrating
  • Interacting with cameras and the audience
  • Playback and review
  • Career strategy and how to find work
  • Opportunities outside the kitchen for the chef
  • How to build “Brand Chef” and create online profiles
  • Producing your own content and equipment needed
  • Social Media platforms: YouTube, Vimeo Facebook, Website etc
  • How to use Social Media, groups and build an audience
  • Questions and answers
  • Filmed 5 minute demonstration
  • Playback and review
  • Questions and answers
  • Course conclusion

What the student gets:

  • Certificate of completion from on a co branded Chefs Training and Tante Marie certificate
  • Professionally edited 5 minute demonstration showreel
  • Professionally edited Video CV

All course materials will be provided throughout the course.
Content will be filmed on each day of the course and may be used in the showreel in addition to any content specifically filmed for the showreel.
Photographs will be taken throughout the course.


Chefs Training

The course is being run in collaboration with our partner Chefs Training.

Chefs Training is an international communications company specialising in training presenters and demonstrators, with a particular emphasis on chefs and the culinary arts.

Chefs Training has trained many TV culinary names who regularly appear on international channels like the BBC, SKY, Star TV, India Today, Food Network,
Discovery Channel, SABC to name but a few.

Based in London, they currently coach in South Africa, Europe, India, Singapore, Hong Kong, The Middle East, Dubai, Australia and the USA.


Attendees have the option of purchasing a portfolio of professional photographs, with 10 fully edited profile shots for your online and Social Media platforms. (Cost £75 inc VAT.)

All filmed content from the 2 day course can be placed on a USB memory stick for you. This is often very  useful for development purposes and if you wish to edit content yourself at a later date. (Cost £39 inc VAT.)


The school is so welcoming

“Tante Marie has been a huge part of my career change and I couldn’t imagine how another school could have done a better job at setting my foundation for the future. The school is so welcoming, the curriculum really sets you up for a great future and the staff are all simply incredible!”

Richard, April 2012