What if university isn’t the right choice?

Hospitality management resources

It’s approaching that time of the year where university applications are at the front of the mind and predicted exam grades are being considered by teachers – an anxious time for parents who are searching for the best possible paths of further education for their children. But with potential student debt often spiralling past the £40,000 mark and many young people eager to join the world of work with passions that lie elsewhere, university is not always the most beneficial option.

What about the alternative routes to gaining professional qualifications and rewarding careers?

The serious skills shortages in the U.K. hospitality sector is a frequent point of discussion in the media, with a particular focus on dispelling the myths around the opportunities available to young people in education or starting out on a career path. One of the most important tasks for our teachers is supporting this campaign and guiding perspective students or undecided parents with accurate information and proven successes to help them with this life-changing decision.

Our Cordon Bleu Diploma offers an alternative path to university with benefits truly worth considering. For those passionate about food and interested in pursuing a career in the food industry, our Diploma offers a world-renowned, professional qualification with a short-term time commitment of up to just 10 months and manageable, up-front fees.

Popular with 17-25 year olds, the Level 4 Diploma provides the practical skills and expert knowledge required to follow a career in some of the world’s most prestigious culinary establishments.

Our graduates offer a clear insight into the opportunities available to those who have the passion, motivation and commitment to achieve, ranging from successful Head Chefs and restaurateurs, such as Neil Rankin to professional food stylists and journalists like Harry Eastwood.

Whichever direction school leavers want to take in food, Tante Marie can provide a diverse and challenging environment in which students can thrive and the advice and support they need to dive straight in to a successful career immediately after graduating.

Our Cordon Bleu Diploma can be achieved in 3 terms starting every September, or 2 terms starting every September, January and April. 

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