Tante Marie Teachers: Meet the Chef

Claire Alexander-Brown


My Favourite…Ingredient:

Claire Says:

Love! You can have the finest food in the world at your disposal but if you don’t love what you are doing and have respect and care for your food, you may as well not bother!

Claire’s Tip:

Use it liberally and with confidence!

My Favourite…Piece of Kitchen Kit

Claire Says:

I rather like my ovens! I’m not a gadget junkie, give me a good knife and pair of ovens and I’m happy!

Claire’s Tip:

I also have a dedicated washing up bowl for mixing large fruit cake mixtures with my very own arm!

My Favourite…Dinner party Dish:

Claire Says:

Slow roast shoulder of lamb with white beans.

Peasant food at its best! You can’t beat slow roast lamb when it’s all melty and soft. The beans are cooked with bacon and cream for a rich and heavenly, comforting tummy filler. Accompany with spring greens for extra deliciousness!

Claire’s Tip:

Cook it slow and rest it well. Serve with a large glass of Red!

My Favourite…Chef:

Claire Says:

Raymond Blanc

His passion and enthusiasm can reduce me to tears! He has an incredible eye for a beautiful plate. He loves the seasons and cooks and creates with enormous care and respect. I love him!

Claire’s Top Tips in the Kitchen:

Cook everything with a whole lot of love!