Student Journeys: Life after Tante Marie

Lyndy Redding
  • Lyndy Redding
  • Graduated 1987
  • Managing Director – Absolute Taste, Catering & Events Design

Lyndy joined Tante Marie as a student in 1986, her motivation was to gain a professional qualification which would enable her to build a successful catering company.

Following her training and graduation at Tante Marie, Lyndy began her career as a small scale private chef in London. She would prepare food from her flat in the evenings to pursue her dream of one day having her own business.

Her hard work and determination paid off in in 1997, when Lyndy’s dream was realised and she formed Absolute Taste with British businessman Ron Dennis – having met him via her work as a private chef.

Absolute Taste was set up to provide top-class hospitality for McLaren at the Formula One races, all over the world, but Lyndy’s success has meant that the company now includes restaurants, cafes, private jet catering and fixed site contracts.

Tante Marie is where it all began for Lyndy and she continues to have a huge connection with us – now as co-owner and Director of the Academy.

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