Tante Marie Food Stall

Tante Marie food stall

There’s something new and delicious on the menu at this year’s Woking Food & Drink festival, with Tante Marie Culinary Academy teachers manning their very own food stall. Across the 3 day festival we will be serving a variety of delicous sausage rolls and yummy brownies made by our very own Academy teaching staff.

We are collaborating with two local Horsell based businesses, Prince & Sons Butchers and Thurstons Brewery, this year to create some great community spirit and of course to support these fantastic local producers.

Sausage Rolls

The Tante Marie sausage roll – Flaky, light pastry with a classic fantastically flavoured sausage filling with a hint of sage and a Marmite glaze

The Thurston’s ale and onion roll – Sticky onions caramelised with Thurston’s Un-American pale ale flavour this perfectly porky filling, encased in golden pastry and glazed with more delicious ale

The properly tasty veggie roll- Butternut squash, chickpeas, spinach, feta, harissa and more, zingy bright flavours wrapped in buttery pastry, this delightful veggie roll really packs a punch


The classic triple chocolate Tante Marie brownie – Chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate, this is the best classic brownie around!

The black velvet brownie – Chocolate and Thurstons milk stout paired with delicious Kentish cherries, and sour cherry jam make this dark fudgy brownie something special!

The banoffee brownie – Bananas in caramel, oaty biscuit nuggets and caramel chocolate inside an intense chocolate brownie, banoffee heaven!

Ice Cream

Vanilla malted milk ice cream – Creamy vanilla ice cream with a hint of comforting malt, the topping of choice for a banoffee brownie!

Raspberry ripple ice cream – Swirls of raspberry jam and smashed whole raspberries decorate this velvety vanilla ice cream, a fruity addition to a cherry stout brownie would make a taste sensation!

Coffee ice cream – Dark espresso flavours this smooth, rich ice cream, perfect pairing for a triple chocolate brownie!


Want to learn how to make the delicious food from our stall? Why not come along to one of our masterclasses!

We will be holding hour long cookery sessions for the public at the Academy. Learn how to create the delicious food that we are serving on our stall! Our fudgy brownies start with the classic base recipe the “Tante Marie triple chocolate brownie”, and can be embellished with optional banoffee flavours or sour cherries and stout if that takes your fancy. Alternatively you can make our mouth-watering sausage rolls, “The Tante Marie classic”, the “Thurston’s ale and mustard” and the “Properly tasty veggie one”.

These classes will run on Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd September. Booking in advance is essential and tickets are £15 with all proceeds going to our local charity, Woking and Sam Beare Hospices. Click here to find out more.

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