Tante Marie Teachers: Meet the Chef

Cookery teacher

Liam Linehan           


My Favourite…Ingredient:

Liam Says:

Chorizo! I love the flavour and the combinations you can use it with.

Liam’s Tip:

You can oven roast chorizo sausages and dice to add into your dishes. Keep all of your rendered out chorizo oil as it makes delicious dressings.

My Favourite…Piece of Kitchen Kit

Liam Says:

My knives, as a chef your knives are a very important tool for your   trade. Always take care of them and keep them in good condition.

Liam’s Tip:

Sharpen them every time you take them out of the wallet. The most expensive knives may not always be the greatest knife!

My Favourite…Dinner party Dish:

Liam Says:

Roast Lamb, you can’t be a good roast leg of lamb, succulent and tender with a redcurrant jus, extra crispy potatoes, braised leeks and carrots and a traditional cauliflower and broccoli cheese.

Liam’s Tip:

Once you have par-boiled your potatoes, give them a good shake to get a nice fluffy outside which helps get them extra crispy. Use duck or goose fat for the best results.

My Favourite…Chef:

Liam Says:

The ones I work with, they have the greatest knowledge and skills and are truly great to work with.

Liam’s Top Tips in the Kitchen:

Always take pride in what you do. Love your food. If you don’t care about you do, it shows! Be passionate about what you do and always be open to new things.