Le Ski

Ski chalet training at Tante Marie

Tante Marie Culinary Academy runs ski chalet training to various different levels. Our Chalet Cooks Academy course is popular with a number of high end chalet companies and at the top end, our Cordon Bleu Diploma graduates are in high demand to work at the elite end of the ski chalet industry. Such is the demand for graduates of Tante Marie ski chalet training that we only work with a small number of seriously good companies, and are proud of the relationships we have formed with them over many years.

Le Ski has chalets in Corcheval, La Tania and Val d’Isère

Le Ski only employ chalet staff as Chalet Hosts, who cook and clean in the chalet; they don’t have a chef/host split like some other companies. That being said they do have a wide variety of chalets available, from a 2 guest chalet catered for by one host, all the way up to 23 guest chalets for two hosts and an assistant. Quite often in these larger chalets they do have staff who are qualified chefs and they do inevitably end up taking more a lead on the cooking but that is something that the chalet team will work out between themselves.

One major draw for Tante Marie graduates that they offer flexibility in menu designs where each Chalet Host creates and cooks their own. They have set meats throughout the week but what the staff want to do around that is entirely up to them. The menu plan is something that goes back and forth between the hosts and the Chalet Managers in the run up to the season so there is a good support system in place.

They are based in Huddersfield and travel down to London fairly regularly to interview prospective staff.

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