Sourcing & Sustainability

We are very proud to hold a 3 star rating from the Sustainable Restaurant Association and you can view our rating report by clicking here.

Here at Tante Marie we recognise the growing pressure on natural resources and the environmental strain businesses can create and that is why we are committed to making our business more sustainable and responsible. We know that our customers are increasingly aware of their impact on the world and we want them to know that we believe a successful business must also be environmentally and socially sustainable.

At its heart, ethical sourcing is about making sure our purchasing decisions are made as sustainably, ethically and responsibly as possible. It’s about ensuring that the products and ingredients we use are sourced in a way that avoids abuse or exploitation of workers, animals and the environment.

We seek to source all our food, ingredients and other consumables in a ‘responsible’ way, and in line with our values.

We are proud to have received accreditation from the Sustainable Restaurant Association, recognising the strong relationships we have built with our carefully selected, local suppliers who demonstrate traceability and understand the importance of sustainability.

These relationships add value to all of our culinary training courses, with students able to visit many of our suppliers and benefit from their many years of experience and expertise.

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Our Sustainability Series of articles gives a great insight into how we address different aspects of sustainability at Tante Marie. Click here to head over to our blog.

List of Suppliers


Kingfisher Brixham

Kingfisher Brixham are one of our fantastic seafood suppliers. With their prime costal location near the famous Brixham Fish Market, Kingfisher are ideally situated to source fresh fish from within a few miles and deliver daily to our Academy kitchens.
Established over 30 years ago Kingfisher’s knowledgeable buyers visit the market every day at 5am to ensure they have the best produce available. Fish and seafood not landing into Brixham harbour is sourced by the team from other UK ports as well as abroad, to cover all customer requirements.
Supporting our ethical sourcing policies, Kingfisher ensure that all of the products they buy and sell are ethically sourced, from fish to packaging. Proud of their collaborative membership with the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI), Kingfisher make it a priority to ensure that all of their products come from a fair, transparent and socially responsible supply chain, traced from their place of origin to their point of sale and with complete confidence that all workers are treated humanely and receive a fair wage.


DDP Limited

D.D.P. Limited is a family run business and one of the leading wholesalers of fresh fruit and vegetables in London, located in New Covent Garden Market. The company has been established since 1982 earning them an abundance of valuable industry experience.
Over the years D.D.P. have invested a lot of time in meeting growers and establishing strong relationships with direct suppliers to ensure the highest level of quality. They are committed to providing top service while minimising their impact on the environment, across both storage and distribution.
An appealing quality to us is their support of local growers and their commitment to environmental considerations such as encouraging customers to source locally grown, seasonal produce available at different times across the year – thus reducing our carbon footprint.
We are particularly grateful for D.D.P.’s support of our educational ethos, aiming to teach our students about the importance of ethical and sustainable sourcing and fresh, locally grown ingredients. Our lucky Diploma students even have the opportunity to see the supply chain in action with visits to markets and farms, demonstrating the freshness and speed with which D.D.P produce makes it from field to fork!


Shipton Mill

Set in a beautiful Cotswold valley near Tetbury, the mill in Shipton Moyne Wood has been producing flour since the time of the Domesday Book.
All of the traditional, organic and speciality flour used here at the Academy is sourced from Shipton Mill. Here it has been carefully and lovingly produced via traditional milling methods, using local, English varieties of wheat as well as speciality grains from agricultural lands all around the world.
The team at Shipton Mill truly understand their grains, the flour they make and its application. They are passionate about taking time and scrupulous care over producing flour of exceptional quality, an ethos they kindly share with our Diploma students during tours of the mill and expert lectures here at the Academy.


R&G Herbs

R&G are a third generation family business who have grown, packed and distributed herbs and fresh ingredients to our Academy for over 50 years.
Having grown from a single market stall in Covent Garden, R&G now have several bases including an extensive herb farm in Oxfordshire and new state of the art premises in Farnborough, just down the road from the Academy!
We are very proud of our strong relationship with the team at R&G and how they share our commitment to sustainability, traceability and ethical sourcing, either growing their own herbs or importing winter supplies from a long-standing and scrupulously selected supplier base. This includes direct grower contact so they always know which farmer is growing which product, ensuring the highest level of quality produce and full traceability.
R & G have many fantastic accreditations, supporting their conscientious approach to business. This includes, the Grade A British Retail Consortium food standard award – the benchmark for all food producers and manufacturers in the UK, LEAF accreditation (Linking Environment & Farming) and Global GAP (Good Agricultural Practice) minimising detrimental environmental impact of farming operations, reducing the use of chemical inputs and ensuring a responsible approach to worker health and safety.


Prince and Sons Family Butchers

With over 40 years’ experience, Prince & Sons are a local family butcher ideally situated just 15 minutes away from the Academy in a small village, to supply us with a vast majority of the meat we use every day.
Made up of a great team who feel passionately about what they do and how they do it, Prince & Sons spend a lot of time and effort working with their suppliers to ensure the best quality meat, putting great emphasis on the importance of provenance, animal welfare and full traceability from field to fork.

Wherever possible the meat sourced by Prince’s is local or British. Their beef originates from Surrey farms and are fed with a natural diet free from growth hormones and additives. Their pork is Surrey’s finest free range pork from Plantation Pigs in Shackleford Guildford, enjoying a natural free-range life thus producing great British pork with a superior flavour. As lamb is seasonal Prince’s buy various breeds from different regions throughout the year, sourcing from the South Downs, the West Country and Wales as well as Salt Marsh from farms in the East and special breeds from the Berkshire Downs.


Ron Fowler & Son

Ron Fowler & Son is a family run fishmongers based not far from us at the Academy. Ron has been supplying us with beautiful fish and seafood for nearly 40 years and often adds to the educational journey of our Diploma students by sharing some of his extensive knowledge in dedicated presentations and demonstrations.
Our longstanding relationship with Ron is very important to us, not only in our efforts to support local, small independent businesses – especially the likes of fishmongers that are rarely seen on our local highstreets anymore - but also because of his dedication to supplying the best produce available from UK markets wherever possible and if not, then fully traceable to its origins.


Coffee Real

Coffee Real are a UK based coffee producer who put huge emphasis on sourcing the best coffee beans from farmers who really understand the coffee that they produce and put quality at the forefront of everything they do.
The team at Coffee Real know exactly where each bean has originated, having spent a great deal of time traveling to remote locations to explore each origin and build mutually beneficial relationships with the farming families.
The coffee is then brought to their very own roastery here in the UK where each blend is lovingly and expertly hand crafted to perfection. This process is encapsulated in fantastic masterclasses brought to our Diploma students by the Coffee Real team, teaching everything from production to perfect brewing methods.


Foodspeed Diary

Foodspeed is a family-owned, independent company supplying us with all of our dairy needs.
As a company Foodspeed place huge emphasis on origin, quality, sustainability and the environment, this is demonstrated in their many policies and accreditations and one of the top reasons we have chosen them to supply the Academy.
Foodspeed has achieved higher level NSF accreditation for chilled storage, distribution and food safety. They have verified 100% carbon neutral status as a result of eliminating excess waste and reducing energy consumption and unnecessary packaging, thus reducing their carbon footprint. Their environmental commitment is reinforced by supporting and sourcing from local producers and independent farms and championing the best of British wherever possible. This ensures that we are not buying products that have travelled large distances and reduces the overall food miles from the farm to our fridge.
They are also accredited by Red Tractor to supply dairy products from Red Tractor assured Farms - guaranteeing produce comes from farms and food companies that meet high standards of food safety and hygiene, animal welfare and environmental protection.

dukeshillham -logo

Dukeshill Ham

Dukeshill was founded over thirty years ago producing the very best hams, cured the “old fashioned” way, putting flavour and texture ahead of speed of production or yield. We are proud to produce our own ham here at the Academy, however we turn to Dukeshill to supply us with bacon simply because it is the best we could find!
The team at Dukeshill have an uncompromising attitude towards quality, only using the finest quality British pork and the most traditional curing methods. They aim to ensure that their impact on society and the environment is a positive one and work closely with local farmers who share their commitment to sustainable and ethical farming, and minimise the environmental impact of transportation as well as being kinder to the animals.


Ritter Courivaud

Established in 1929 Ritter Courivaud Ltd is a supplier of specialist ingredients to the catering trade. Ritters has supplied us for over 40 years with essential ingredients such as chocolate! As a longstanding, trusted supplier, we can always be assured that we are receiving only the best and most innovative products delivered to the highest of standards and service.



Vanilla is a very important flavour in professional cookery and, when the finest quality is required, becoming harder to find. This is why the Academy uses Eurovanille.
Eurovanille has been in the natural vanilla business for more than 20 years, using the best varieties from around the world to grow the best vanilla pods, processing them and packing them with great care, ensuring the vanilla products we receive are the very best possible.
The company grows vanilla in the most responsible way it can without damaging the environment, attaching great importance in building durable partnerships with their local farmers. They have also acquired Bio CE, Fairtrade, KOSHER certifications and have been awarded IFS certification, a further guarantee of food safety quality.


Liberty Wines

Liberty Wines was founded in 1997 by Master of Wine, David Gleave, with the vision of working with exceptional producers, whatever their size or location to deliver the finest wines to their customers.
They believe that a wine must be an expression of the grape variety from which it is made and the place in which it is grown, and look for wines that express these key characteristics. The team at Liberty see the human factor as vital, for if you give two winemakers the same grapes from the same vineyard, they will make two different wines. The best get their personality across while exalting the character of the grape and the vineyard.


Cheesman Greengrocers

Cheesman Greengrocers are an independent, family run business based close to the Academy in Guildford, Surrey. Founded in 1975 they have been providing fresh fruit and vegetables and free range eggs to Tante Marie for a number of years.
The produce supplied by Cheesmans is purchased daily from New Covent Garden Market by their experienced buyers who look for traceable, British produce and ensure consistent quality and freshness.


Futures Supplies

Futures Supplies is an independent distributor who take care of all our wash room and paper towel requirements.
They are committed to environmental sustainability, integrity and transparency in the way they operate and how they supply goods and services. This includes a carbon neutral status, certified to BS EN IS0 14001 and numerous green awards, taking sustainability very seriously.
The products we attain from Futures are guaranteed to be sourced via ecologically sustainable forest management, production with low environmental burden or waste generation and of a high quality in line with product safety laws.



ABPAC supply the Academy with environmentally friendly food packaging and containers.