Our Staff

We are extremely proud of the fact that currently all of our professionally qualified teachers are Tante Marie trained – having studied for Cordon Bleu Diplomas as students or commis chefs themselves. You will even be able to spot several of their names on our Roll of Honour Boards.

The fact that our teachers are trained to the same high standards ensures a very evident synchronisation of traditional and innovative teaching methods and practices, quite literally handed down through the generations since Tante Marie was founded over 60 years ago.

For most of our staff, their Tante Marie training was only the start of their culinary journeys, going on to work in professional kitchens, private catering, teaching and food-related positions following their graduation.

This means that our staff are uniquely placed to not only understand and empathise with what is required from our students, having been there themselves, but can also draw on a wealth of individual knowledge, life-skills and expertise.

The welfare of our students is of paramount importance to us and the ‘happy ship environment’ at Tante Marie Culinary Academy is unlike anywhere else. All of our teaching staff are first aid trained and DBS checked, as well as completing Child Protection and Safeguarding Training.

Claire Alexander-Brown

Academy Principal

Ally Molyneaux

Academy Head Teacher

Alex Brady

Academy Head Chef

Ann-Marie Perera

Senior Teacher

Sue Lown Teacher

Sue Lown


Rachel Bowen

Food Technician

Mel Day

Food Technician

Mischa McWhinnie

Commis Chef

Jack Woolgar

Commis Chef

Andrew Maxwell

Managing Director

Debbie Volans

Director of Administrations