See what our students have to say about Tante Marie.

Professional from start to finish

You have been a thoroughly straight forward, pleasant and professional operation from start to finish.

Simon, Assessment in Marine Cookery Candidate, 2018

Opened the door for me to achieve my dream

“Training at Tante Marie really was the start of the path that led me to where I am now. I always wanted to cook and to receive such great training allowed me to go and travel the world cooking in some amazing locations and opened the door for me to achieve my dream of owning my own catering company.”

Lyndy Redding, Managing Director at Absolute Taste

The school is so welcoming

"Tante Marie has been a huge part of my career change and I couldn’t imagine how another school could have done a better job at setting my foundation for the future. The school is so welcoming, the curriculum really sets you up for a great future and the staff are all simply incredible!"

Richard, April 2012

Words cannot describe the fun and the experiences I have had

“…words cannot describe the fun and the experiences I have had. The teachers offer a fantastic learning enviroment encouraging the best out of each student. The amazing people I have met have only added to my experience of Tante Marie, from different ages and backgrounds people have travelled wide and far to share the same experience. If you have the chance to go, GO!”

Chris, July 2012

A great place to learn

"If you've always wanted to try your hand at cooking for a living, then Tante Marie is a good place to start. The school has trained cooks for over 50 years and offers courses that give you plenty of practical experience in the kitchen. Set in a fantastic house, with friendly teachers, this is a great place to learn - but don't be fooled, they take their role seriously and expect you to put in the hard work. They will do their best to help you find a job at the end of your course."

BBC Good Food

A wonderful place

"Without Tante Marie’s hard working, passionate and motivational teachers I wouldn’t be where I am today. A wonderful place with a wonderful atmosphere, there is no other top culinary school like it."

Charlie, August 2012

A great base for a career

"I did an Intensive Cordon Bleu Diploma Course and really had a fantastic time. The staff was great and very supportive. The groups were small and very international. We learned everything from scratch and developed to really advanced cooking skills. Next to the cooking we learned a lot about ingredients, menu planning and budgeting. The school was also very supportive in finding work placements in highly ranked restaurants. Altogether a great base for a career in the hospitality business!"

Anke, August 2012

The skill set I left with has proven to be invaluable

"I attended the Cordon Bleu Diploma course in 09/10 and have to say the skill set I left with has proven to be invaluable. Whether it was working in a high pressure commercial kitchen, for my private catering venture or just for personal cooking for the family I keep finding myself thinking back to my training and the skill set it has provided me. Thanks to all at Tante Marie!"

Bjorn, April 2012

A whole lot more confidence in myself

"I was already a passionate cook before attending Tante Marie for six months back in 2010, and went with the goal of learning the basics which I had skipped over as I taught myself to cook. What I got was just that and a whole bunch more, both in an educational and personal sense in regards to making some true lifelong friends.

At present I am writing this from a very large motor yacht outside of Portofino, Italy where I am head chef and provide one of the wealthiest gentlemen and his family with all that they want from the galley. Would I have gotten here without what I learnt at Tante Marie? Maybe, but with them and the training I was given, I certainly made it a whole lot quicker, but more crucially than that, with a whole lot more confidence in myself and my ability."

Dylan, July 2012

A wonderful base for a career in cooking

"Fantastic course, fantastic staff. I learned that in the field of cooking there is always something new to learn – I graduated from the yearly Cordon Bleu Diploma course and it is a wonderful base for a career in cooking and it has given me a lot of opportunities."

Kristoffer, July 2012

The skills taught by Tante Marie are ideal

“…the skills taught by Tante Marie are ideal for our working environment i.e. an up-market chalet operator employing well-honed dinner party cooks (who, equally important, are also sensible, well-rounded individuals with a strong work ethic and ability to 'last to pace' over a long & tiring season).”

Gareth, Director, Simply Morzine

No other cookery school comes close

"I did the diploma course at Tante Marie and it literally changed my life. The staff are incredible, the atmosphere is electric and in the 14 years since I graduated, I have always considered the skills I learned there to be the single most important foundation of my career! No other cookery school comes close in my view!"

Tom, June 2012

I loved every minute of it!

"I just wanted to say a HUGE THANKYOU to all concerned for such a fantastic macaron class! I loved every minute of it! The kindness expertise and above all patience was truly appreciated! I never in my dreams thought I'd actually be able to make them! I am very pleased to report that in fact my family is getting "macaroned OUT"! I have been making so many of them at home! Also to say that the lunch provided was delicious! 

Thank you once again and I look forward to joining you soon on some other classes."

Tanya, Sept 2013

We cooked so many fabulous dishes

"Who'd have thought that going on a course could be so inspiring and energising? Especially if that course involves cooking - and lots of it. But, as our cookery-school investigators found, an everyday chore can be viewed in a new light when you are learning from people with passion... doing something completely different forces you to switch off, and the pressures of everyday life recede..."

"It was invaluable. I've always been impressed and a bit jealous of anyone who can transform a whole chicken into eight neat portions - it looks good and is much cheaper than buying ready cut pieces. I’m a confident cook but I couldn't joint a chicken with a few flicks of the wrist, so this was my chance to learn a new skill. We cooked so many fabulous dishes, from duck confit and chicken salad to poussin, which we stuffed and twisted into perfect little pyramids. The result? I can now joint a chicken as quickly as the best of them."

Good Housekeeping

It’s hard to think of a more useful qualification

"It’s hard to think of a more useful qualification than the gap-year courses at the Tante Marie Culinary Academy. A Tante Marie certificate means you can cook your way around the world,  make enough money during university holidays to pay back tuition fees and provide essential sustenance for those tough years  in university digs."

Saturday Telegraph Magazine

Impressive institute

"Tante Marie creates Master Chefs at its Surrey HQ. Whether you want to study Cordon Bleu or start from scratch, this impressive institute is the place to do it."

The Independent