Tante Marie is a non-residential school, however we keep an extensive list of local families and lettings agents who can provide accommodation for Tante Marie students.


Residential Accommodation

The accommodation list is available once you have registered for your course and paid your deposit. Students can make their personal choice as to their preferred lodgings, most of which are within walking distance of Tante Marie. Before we add any property to our accommodation list, we pay them a visit to ensure that they meet an acceptable standard and offer a suitable environment to ensure your comfort during the course.

Our Involvement

Tante Marie takes no part in financial arrangements with the host families and does not organise, provide or arrange the accommodation ourselves because each student will have their own preferences regarding their accommodation arrangements, but we keep in close touch and will do what we can to help make sure your accommodation is organised before your course begins. Rented self-catering accommodation is available and Woking has a number of local letting agents.

For a list of local hotels and Bed and Breakfasts visit the Woking website.

Woking Website