Day in the life of a student

The teachers and staff at Tante Marie Culinary Academy focus entirely on providing a fun and supportive learning environment for all of our students. Whether you are on a 1 day Lifestyle course or a 3 term Diploma course, we are here to support you in any way we can to make your experience at Tante Marie as successful and enjoyable as possible, all of our food is produced and cooked with love!

Morning Practical Classes

A typical day for our Gap Year and Professional students will begin at 9.30am – for practical classes. Each practical session begins with a teacher led briefing where the skills students will be learning are identified. Students will then work as a group to create a time plan, encompassing all of the recipes being produced, with guidance provided when needed by their teacher.

Practical classes are built around the skills utilised within each recipe. Therefore students will always be cooking a variety of different dishes in each class. Skills are then repeated and refined throughout the entirety of the course to ensure full understanding and ability is achieved by each student.

Teachers constantly monitor the progress of each individual as well as leading students through recipes, observing techniques, encouraging tasting and suggesting adjustments as they go.

Classes are concluded with a teacher debrief and a group review of the morning session.

Lunch Break

Lunch break is at approximately 12.30pm. Students sit down together to eat the food cooked in their morning session. We encourage students to taste each other’s cooking and give constructive feedback in order to develop their palates. Students are then free to grab some fresh air until afternoon classes begin at around 2.00pm.

Afternoon Practical Classes

Afternoon practical classes will follow a similar format to the morning, with students often able to take home baked goods and sweet treats at the end of the session, around 4.30pm.

Our aim is for students to spend as much of their time as possible in the kitchen, however a small percentage of time will be spent in crucial demonstration and theory sessions.

Theory Classes

Morning demonstrations begin at the slightly later time of 10.00am and are designed to showcase the skills within the recipes students will be cooking. Each demonstration is delivered by our passionate teachers and are designed to both inform and inspire our students.

Theory classes are designed to delve deeper into certain areas of cookery. Students will usually have one theory lesson a week, and these include some delivered by our fantastic guest lecturers and industry experts.

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