Graduate Resources

Graduates of Tante Marie Culinary Academy have gone on to achieve very successful careers – from working in Michelin star restaurants to owning their own businesses.

We have established a number of useful resources that our alumni may utilise to aid the continued development of their career, post-graduation.

The Tante Marie Recipe App is an exciting new addition to our Academy resources – available exclusively to graduates of Tante Marie, past and present.

Once downloaded, our alumni will gain on and off line access to an up-to-date, digital version of their valuable Academy Recipe File, meaning graduates have all their recipes, anywhere in the world, at their fingertips on their device: no more heavy books or files to carry around.

 What’s included?

This handy app is regularly updated by our team ensuring users have the very latest recipe versions at all times. Other useful features include:

  • Offline access:
    The Tante Marie Recipe App has offline functionality, meaning users can access recipes from anywhere in the world, even if internet connection is not possible – from basement kitchens to private yachts in the Caribbean. Conveniently, the next time the app is connected, it will automatically update its content.
  • Advanced search:
    This handy function combs the entire recipe database by recipe title, ingredient or even key words appearing in the method, to match to a specific ingredient of choice.
  • In-recipe switching:
    Some recipe methods include elements that are a recipe in their own right, such as a certain quantity of Crème Anglaise required for a Bavarois. Our app allows users to simply touch the ingredient in question to automatically view its own recipe, then easily return to the original with another touch.
  • Favourite recipes:
    We all have favourite recipes which we return to time and time again. The ‘Favourite’ function allows users to save their much-loved recipes at the click of a button so that they may be quickly and easily retrieved with no need to search.


Annual subscription for this service is charged for a nominal fee – simply to cover the cost of maintaining and updating the app. Anyone can download the app, but only those with authorised alumni status can actually gain access.

To qualify you’ll need:

  • To be confirmed by Tante Marie as an alumni
  • An alumni profile on the Tante Marie Culinary Academy website
  • To have paid your annual subscription

To make an enquiry please contact our team on +44 (0)1483 726957 or email

The Academy’s bespoke Virtual Learning Environment has been designed and configured by our teachers to support students with their studies and supplement their practical learning before, during and after their course.

This online platform allows students access to extensive resources any time they wish, from anywhere in the world, via a computer or mobile device. Features include:

  • Personal Development Journals – A place for students to log how their course is progressing and communicate successes or concerns to their tutor mentor. This is also a great place for students to upload photos of their culinary creations to track how they have improved over the course of their training.
  • Lesson Notes & Student Discussion Forums – Here students have access to theory class notes and open forums where they can discuss specific classes with their fellow students – a great place to share constructive feedback.
  • Supplementary Learning – Students have exclusive access to supplementary training via our Virtual Learning Environment dependent on the course they are attending. Here they can independently work through various resources such as ‘Hospitality Management’ or a ‘Guide to Chalet Hosting’ to accompany their culinary studies with a deeper understanding of the hospitality industry as a whole. Best of all, these resources continue to be available to them once they have graduated and moved on to the next stage of their career.
  • ‘How To’ Videos & Revision Quizzes

Our alumni go on to pursue many exciting and rewarding careers all around the world. We have formed a closed Tante Marie Alumni Facebook group where Tante Marie students, old and new, can tell their stories, post pictures of their newest creations and share advice with their fellow alumni.

To join the conversation search Facebook for Tante Marie Culinary Academy Alumni.

Upon completion of their course, every Tante Marie graduate will wish to follow a different career path. Our experienced team can advise students on the life changing decisions they make when moving onto the next stage of their careers.

While at the Academy, students are exposed to many helpful resources, such as help and advice on CV and resume writing and consultations with some of our industry contacts and employers.

We are proud of the achievements our graduates make and continue to support them in any way we can post graduation. Every member of the Tante Marie alumni, past or present, have their own private account on the Academy website, allowing them exclusive access to helpful industry resources. These include:

  • Up-to-date vacancies from all corners of the hospitality industry
  • Blog articles of interest from a number of informative sources

If you are a Tante Marie graduate and would like to request a website account, please get in touch with our team on +44 (0)1483 726957 or