Qualifications Explained

Tante Marie Culinary Academy has a portfolio of accreditations and qualifications which are internationally recognised and well-regarded within the food and drink industry.

The table below lists details of all the qualifications that can be attained at Tante Marie:

Tante Marie Cordon Bleu DiplomaOur flagship, industry recognised professional qualification which sets the standards in global culinary training and has been offered at Tante Marie since 1954. The Tante Marie Cordon Bleu Diploma offers a comprehensive portfolio of training, incorporating over 60 years of experience into a qualification which has earned international recognition and laid the foundations for successful careers and award winning businesses around the world.
Level 4 Diploma in Professional Culinary Arts

An internationally accredited qualification created by Tante Marie and qualifications awarding body, The Confederation of Tourism and Hospitality (CTH).

This optional qualification is regulated by Ofqual and carries 96 credits within the government’s Qualifications Credit Framework (QCF). This could enable students to gain credit towards any future qualifications they wish to take at university or colleges around the world.

While the Tante Marie Cordon Bleu Diploma carries international acclaim within the industry, the CTH Level 4 Diploma offers the formal accreditation which offers Tante Marie graduates credit towards further training, university applications, visa applications and much more. It is the formally accredited passport to continuing professional and personal development.

All students passing the Tante Marie Cordon Bleu Diploma automatically meet the accreditation requirements for the CTH Level 4 Diploma in Professional Culinary Arts, subject to payment of the exam fees.

Tante Marie Cordon Bleu Certificate

Whether you are looking for an exciting platform from which to begin a year out or Gap Year, or whether you want to take you cooking to new levels but cannot commit to our Cordon Bleu Diploma, the Tante Marie Cordon Bleu Certificate course is an ideal stepping stone towards achieving your goals.

The course covers a broad range of entry and intermediate skills across many areas of cookery and the Cordon Bleu Certificate is a mark of quality which puts graduates ahead of the field in securing exciting travel, year out and seasonal work opportunities with employers operating at highest standards.

CTH Level 2 Award in Culinary Skills

The CTH Level 2 Award in Culinary Skills is another product of the relationship between Tante Marie Culinary Academy and the international qualifications awarding body, The Confederation of Tourism and Hospitality. The Level 2 Award is now being offered at colleges around the world but was created by Tante Marie around our Cordon Bleu Certificate course, meaning graduates of this course automatically meet the criteria for CTH Level 2 Award accreditation, subject to payment of CTH exam fees.

The Level 2 Award sits on the UK governments Qualifications Credit Framework (QCF) alongside GCSE’s and other Level 2 qualifications and is internationally recognised as an entry level, practical cookery qualification.

Level 2 Award in Food Safety in CateringA 1 day course providing an understanding of personal responsibility for food safety, personal and workplace hygiene and keeping food safe in a catering environment.
Level 5 Diploma in Culinary & Hospitality ManagementOur ground-breaking Level 5 Diploma. Jointly created by our experienced senior teachers and restaurant management team and the Confederation of Tourism & Hospitality (CTH). Designed to deliver hospitality management training through a programme of hands on, workplace learning and online training modules.
Assessment in Marine CookeryThis assessment forms part of the application to the Maritime Coastguard Agency for full Ship’s Cook Certification. Applicants will additionally need to complete the other requirements as specified under MSN1846.
Certificate of AttendanceCompletion of our shorter Gap Year courses entitles students to a Certificate of Attendance. Although not a formal qualification, this certificate will identify students as a Tante Marie alumni – highly regarded in the food and drink industry.