Simon Chabowski

Tante Marie graduate_Simon Chabowski

Managing Director – Chabowski Trading

Simon opened Chabowski Trading with the vision of bringing new and innovative technology to the Middle East. They are the exclusive distributors for some of the world’s leading Food & Beverage brands, including Pacojet, Polyscience, Excalibur, Hotmix, Articube, Niteowl, UberBar, Omega Juicers. They also have their own retail outlet called Muddle Me, that sells their brands along with other amazing chef and barman tools and equipment.
Simon says, “Something clicked half way through my course at Tante Marie. A light bulb moment! All of a sudden I had a clear vision for both food and drink. An inner passion was sparked. This clear vision and passion is what has fueled me to continue to learn, grow and succeed in the Food and Beverage industry. Attending Tante Marie was without a doubt one of my best decisions.”