Laura Field

Tante Marie graduate Laura Field

Food Stylist and Photographer

After training at Tante Marie in 2007 Laura immediately started building a career as a food stylist and photographer. She then went on to be a freelance private chef for several years. She is currently a freelance food stylist creating photo worthy food for cookbooks and magazines such as the new “Masterchef” books working alongside the acclaimed food photographer David Loftus. Throughout the year she also works at food festivals such as Latitude, Big Feastival and Taste Festivals as a home economist, running the “Chef’s Secrets” cooking school, alongside some of the UK’s top chefs.

Laura says, “I gained a University degree after 3 years of studying and struggled to find work. I enrolled at Tante Marie, gained a Cordon Bleu diploma in 6 months and was instantly employable. Working in restaurants and being a chef is one benefit of learning to cook, but the alternative jobs and avenues you can take in the industry are endless.”