Ellie Gerrish

Alumni_Ellie Gerrish

Managing Director – Designer Wedding Cakes

Ellie has established her own designer cakes business which is now earning critical acclaim, creating stunning and elegant cakes for every occasion. Having obtained a degree in Hotel and Catering Management, her career was previously in hospitality management.

Ellie says, “In September 2011 I was very fortunate to be able to enrol on the 6 month Intensive Cordon Bleu Diploma course at Tante Marie and so refocus on my original reason for entering the industry which was my love of cooking. Tante Marie gave me invaluable knowledge and skills and the training to be able to work to demanding deadlines in an organised and effective way. I have also learned how to get the best taste from ingredients and how to achieve the best finish through following correct techniques and paying the utmost attention to every detail. The tutors at Tante Marie are amazing, highly skilled and passionate about what they do and so motivating. They are always there for you, ready to share their expertise and to offer advice and assistance when you need it. The support given to launch you in the right direction once you have achieved your qualifications is also invaluable, provided direct from Andrew Maxwell and it does not end when you finish the course. Andrew has been great to keep in touch with, always finding the time to talk through ideas and help me shape my business plans. I am so grateful for everything Tante Marie has taught me and cannot thank the team more for my incredible time there, enabling me now to achieve the life-changing goal of setting up my own business. ‘Designer Cakes by Elle’ launched in April 2013, creating wedding cakes and favours for clients in London, Surrey and Kent.”